Curious about who changed trips due to Star Wars?

We are going to DW from Aug. 17-25. In the past, the weather is challenging, but the crowd levels are great! This year, I am a little worried that the crowd levels will be high if people moved their trip earlier to avoid the STGE craziness. So, I am curious if you:

  1. Moved your trip to earlier in the summer to avoid the crowds from Star Wars
  2. Moved your trip later to go to SWGE

If so, when was your trip originally and when is it now?

I originally had it scheduled over Labor Day weekend. We moved it to 8/22-8/26 instead.

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I scheduled around it when it was announced and projected to be 2019. We went in fall 2018 and will go again fall 2020.

I want to see it, but not when it first opens.

Same here…didn’t want to be there for the opening…we will be there the same dates as you:grinning:

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I have a feeling the week before SWGE opens might be crazy busy!

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We moved a trip from 8/21 - 8/28 to 9/3 - 9/10 to go see SWGE.

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We moved our early December trip to late October in hopes of missing SWGE. Sigh…

I’ve got to believe, like many other people are saying, that Disney does not want repeat of Pandora. Thousands of people standing in line to get into the land and then waiting in hours long lines to ride rides are not spending money. This does not benefit Disney, or anyone else. A virtual queue would allow people to enter in an orderly way and those who don’t get a reservation/queue spot will go to other parts of the park or other parks. By later October, I would not be surprised to see things calmed down at least a little. The unfortunate part is it MIGHT make crowds very heavy throughout all the parks instead of congregating in/around SW:GE. But at least it should be manageable, if they do it smart. Disney has never been known to leave dollars in guests pockets, so I don’t think they want to have anyone standing around idle. They’ll want them in other areas of WDW until it is their turn to enter SW:GE and then they’ll want them shopping/eating/drinking in SW:GE while waiting in a virtual queue for their turn to ride the attractions.


We had plans for early October and moved them up to July to avoid SWGE.

And yet half the shops in HS are currently shut. They don’t always do things that make sense. Though I hope for everyone going after it opens that they get themselves together.

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We had a long scheduled trip for 8/25-9/1. Even had an ADR booked in DHS for Aug. 29. Because of SW:GE opening, we moved the whole trip up one week to 8/18-8/25. Indeed, I moved it the day that the SW:GE opening date was announced. While we are Star Wars fans, our family of four doesn’t make it to WDW that often, and we didn’t want to deal with the madness.

It will be interesting to see what happens in DL once reservations are not limited to onsite guests. Initial reports were the rest of the park was dead and that may very well be fear that the rest of the park outside of GE would be mobbed and so a lot of folks just didn’t go at all. We had always planned on end of October for WDW and when news about opening date surfaced, I thought about postponing, but so far - not doing that unless I hear that it’s absolutely insane at WDW. I personally think September at WDW might be the best time to go for crowd levels

I talked DH into going this month vs wait till 2020 because we don’t plan to go again till the other rides complete. Aaaand maybe a bit is waiting for the SW resort to open so we can get in if the price isn’t insane.

Have a trip planned 8/24 to 8/28 (the day before SW:GE opens) and another planned 9/28 to 10/4.

Not changing anything. Many schools are already in session the last wk of Aug, and I just can’t see hoards of people taking their kids out during the first weeks of school. Aside from HS, I’m sure it’ll be busier than usual in the other parks, but not Christmas/Thanksgiving or even Spring Break busy.

We were planning a trip to Anaheim for this very week but cancelled that trip due to them moving up the SWGE opening dates. I wanted nothing to do with that potential madness.

We are now headed to Orlando instead in early August, before SWGE opens there.

I suspect the prices for the hotel will be insane to most people … but everyone has a different definition of insane for prices.


Well, I guess it depends on your definition of insane. I think it’s a pretty small, immersive hotel with only around 200 rooms. Personally, I’ll be shocked if it’s less than $1000/nt.


And if that is the case (will be expensive no matter what I’m sure), split stays will become much more common.

Maybe MDE will finally figure out how to handle such a thing as one trip. :roll_eyes:

Considering we didn’t even have a wedding ceremony or honeymoon because of cost, I’d almost budget an extra $1000 than a normal vacation and go for our 5th anniversary.

$1,000 per night seems low to me. I’d guess at least $1,500 per night given the small size of the hotel.

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