Cubing adventures, first haircut, trip report!

We did a thing :grinning: I had gift cards saved up, walked through the droid shop and decided to go for it. Worth it!


Oh he looks SO happy!!


I want to do this with my boys but the price x2 is hard to swallow!


Oh for sure. I’m glad it wasn’t busy so he could take his time, touched several pieces before deciding on colour scheme. Don’t want to rush or it’s over so quickly. He’s been puppy dog eyeing these for so long :grinning:


Made it to HS after the morning rain. Lines not bad despite late start.

We started with Mike on the friendship boat.

Found a Laura when we walked in

Started with tower of terror and the cast members were soooo in character. Found another Mike too.


We then headed over to SDD. The good thing about it turning into an MEP first thing is then I could book another genie right away (MMRR). The bad thing is the eligible rides weren’t great, so just used it on SDD once it opened.

The slushy we got at Epcot yesterday was tiny, this one was much more the size I’d expect and shareable :grinning:

The off to galaxy’s edge. We were the first group in the storm trooper room, took pics, then two more groups entered. I’d never seen the room so packed, and so grateful we had an empty room to begin with.


He then wanted to explore the gift shops. I knew immediately what he was after, but played dumb as he looked in every gift shop we could find. We then found the droid depot and we was looking at prices and trying to find the cheapest option. He didn’t ask me for anything because he knew last time I said too much. We were about to leave when a CM said walk ups were available. I know I’ll regret it when it comes time to pack to go home, but on a whim I said let’s do it :grinning:

Then we got a really fun photo shoot with his light saber :grinning:

lunch, then off to show Mickey and Minnie cubing skills.

Too hot and tired for anything else, and carrying around that droid is a burden. Epic eats was a sad fail, they were out of ice cream and a funnel cake just isn’t the same without it. So back to hotel to pay with “BB9” and hope we can swim before it rains again!

Day 2 started a bit slow but it was a really nice pace.


That lightsaber shot is sweet!!!


Absolutely!! How awesome & precious at the same time that he was able to go at his pace to build such a cool droid. I love love love his color scheme choice too.

Also- his 2x2 video was amazing! I’ll bet he gets to the record!


After dinner: DS - I’m too tired for any more rides

In the elevator 5mins later: DS - I’m not tired!!


Oh boy, I thought it was something like the pirates treasure hunt at magic kingdom. That we really enjoyed. Don’t think we’ll try the scavenger hunt again, I appreciate the heads up on that.


Hours total for all 9 stations. But if you dedicated 20 mins per country, 3 per day. 1 hour isn’t bad and the physical things are neat. Germany was my favorite. Followed by Norway and Japan. If you just do those you will still have fun.


Magic kingdom day! I am so thankful that earlier this week I was able to change BBB to this morning. Originally had 2pm booked, and wouldn’t have worked out so well.

The knights package was so well done! Glad we tried it once, great fun for the kids.

The photo shoot at any location is always my favourite. I need a shirt that says “I’m just here for the photos”

Photos at Disney are my happiness :smiling_face:

Got BG1 for Tron and was able to leave his new accessories by the exit thankfully. That shield is about the width of my largest suitcase. Packing should be fun.

Probably my most favourite ride photo :smiling_face:

We got really lucky with the rides. At some point today pirates, SDMT, and space were all down, however never down for when we were ready to ride. That sword and shield also survived big thunder, small world and carousel of progress.

We ended with a nice chat with Peter Pan, where he showed off his cube skills. His average is getting better with all this practice, 18 seconds later he’s done and they’re cheering for him.

Almost pool time! Love the sand bottom pool followed by the hot tub of course!


He is flipping adorable!! You see so many princesses from BBB. I love seeing a little Prince! He’s really in character too. :heart_eyes:

I think the resort can mail it home for you if your concerned.


Impressive that his cool hair held up after Tron!


Finally found that tucked away little spot for photos this morning, a nice couple took our pictures after I took theirs, I love it:

For the mini adventure parade, he got great character attention! Woody came over and Merida pretended to battle!

Nice surprise back in the room. Yes I have a problem :heart:


Did you get to go for your haircut yet?

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Today’s magical highlights:

At AK before the rain we got on EE and Dino, then ran for cover in tough to be a big. I told him it’s a right of passage to get stuck in a down pour at Disney. Took a long lunch then lion king to wait out the rain.

Near the end of the show when I was starting to think and get nervous about the hair cut, a CM called out for buzz lightyear over to play (he was wearing a buzz rain coat). He got to be in the little parade at the end, it was soooo sweet.

Our genies from the morning turned into MEPs. So we went back to Everest and rode it twice. When I told him we could ride it a second time in a row it was like Christmas morning.

After one of the rides on EE we noticed his magic band was gone! I thought it was gone for good. CM went back and found it! Phew!!

Another magic moment, our first time seeing Kevin on our way out :smiling_face:

Next update includes the hair cut!!


Those are some definite magic moments!


I think our mousekeeper is having fun with ears :face_holding_back_tears:

Quick change then on the bus to magic kingdom. Arrived around 3:15 we caught the parade! He really wanted to see it and I didn’t think we’d get there on time. It was perfect timing

Used LL for a quick ride through space, then hair cut time!

The lady was amazing! She saved the hair for me as well.

I’m glad I did this somewhere special, I feel so free now.