CSR sitting outside?

Planning a March 2020 trip. Decided on CSR. no balconies/patios. Do the windows open? Would it be strange to read a book just outside the door to the room? It’s just me and DD this time and she likes to sleep while I am an early bird. i get a little antsy not being able to sit outside! Thanks as always!

I’m not sure if it would work to sit outside the door to the room. The doors open out onto the walkways around the rooms; motel style. Also, I’m not sure what you would sit on. There is a chair right when you walk in the room, but I don’t think it’s the kind of chair you could pull outside the door.

I would love to stay at CSR tower, too. It looks gorgeous! The lack of a balcony is the only thing holding me back.

I want to say that @brer has posted about bringing a chair out onto the walkway? There is plenty of room.

There is a small chair

Thank you so much everyone! Working on very little sleep over here…of course I could sit with the door open With the chair in the room!!! Thanks so much for putting up with me and answering!!!

Oh, yes! The desk chair would work. I was thinking of the bigger comfy chair by the door.

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