CSR or Dolphin?

We’re currently booked at CSR through MVT for October. We had looked at staying at the Swan or Dolphin before, but the rates were too high. The Dolphin rates have come down and now the price difference for 7 nights is $33 total per room to switch to the Dolphin.

We’ve only stayed at CSR once (in 1998) and like the look of the refurbished rooms, plus we’d get DME and magic bands, but would have to bus everywhere. We’ve stayed at the Swan numerous times, but not since 2012 (as a family- my dad used to stay at the Dolphin every year for work through 2015), and we love being able to walk/boat to Epcot and DHS. Though I think construction will be going on then so that might negatively impact our stay. What would you do?

ETA: just kidding! I was looking at the wrong amount for CSR, the difference is about $350 more per room for the Dolphin (makes a lot more sense). The Dolphin is still a good deal for the Epcot area ($266/night including tax and the resort fee) but at that difference we’ll probably stick with CSR.