CSR - Grand Destino Tower

We are staying here in a water view room instead of Yacht Club next year. It’s $300 less a night and that’s for a new room in the tower, we just couldn’t pass up an almost $3000 savings. We’ll stay deluxe again in a few years so we have time to save for it.

In the meantime, I’m dying to see the views from the new Tower - when it opens July 9, how long before we will be able to start seeing Tower views? :slight_smile:

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Wow! That’s an incredible saving!

I’m having dinner at Toledo shortly after the Tower opens, and I’ll certainly be posting photos.

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Oh yes, it was a lot of money! We are staying 9 nights and that Yacht Club price was really adding up.

We never stay moderates, but CSR looks like a gorgeous resort. All the new places to eat and the chance to stay in a completely new, modern tower for that much less was a no brainer for us. It allows us to be able to buy party tickets if we want, eat out more and just not have the financial strain Yacht was going to cause this time around.

I’ve read the buses are pretty good and the ride from the last stop before heading out to parks (which would be the stop the tower would use) is at the most 15 minutes to MK - that’s not bad at all! Also read the buses are rarely crowded.

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