CSR Club Level?

Recommended? Thinking it a great alternative. Do you pay extra for adult beverages?

MouseSavers does not feel that Club Level is worth the extra cost - see http://www.mousesavers.com/walt-disney-world-vacation-discounts-and-deals/disney-world-resort-hotel-discounts-codes/#concierge for details.

Also, you say that you are thinking it is a great alternative - a great alternative to what? As MouseSavers points out, a family of four on a vacation package could add the Dining Plan for about the same amount per night as Club Level costs.

I have never been able to justify CL for myself. I rarely do more than shower and sleep at the resort, and to make it “worthwhile” you need to take advantage of all the snacks and drinks that they serve (when they serve them).

I don’t know if this is helpful or not, but I do think that Preferred rooms at CSR are worth it compared to standard rooms at CSR. Next time DH and I stay there, we’ve already said we will splurge for Preferred or Business class just to save us the walk to the buses and lobby.


I’ll admit we’ve done CL at every Deluxe resort except Wilderness Lodge. And it is absolutely not worth it. Forget the dollars, most CL rooms are in terrible locations. Animla Kingdom is an exception - I like Arusha view and CL rooms are Arusha.

Using Garden Grocer for in room food and drinks is way less money and far more convenient. You can also book ground level rooms which are always more convenient than the ridiculous down the hall, up the elevator, down the hall CL rooms.

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From what I’ve read, CSR Business Level is a completely different animal than “Club Level.” It basically guarantees a particular preferred building near the buses (almost to a set of rooms), and throws in club level food/drinks. It’s also the only Mod with this level of service, at Mod prices. I’m seriously thinking of trying it on my next trip.

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I KNOW Liners have stayed there recently and like it…I wish some would post their experiences here. I’d like to know:

  1. Is there an extra charge for adult beverages?
  2. Do the rooms connect?
  3. General noise level.
  4. Proximity to buses.