Csr , cbr, or AKL?

It's me & dboys 7&9. Unfortunately no more RO discts were avail to my TA frowning so I may switch. I was excited about Murphy bed, but can share a bed if need to. Opinions pls on cbr or csr to save $400 or AKL to cost $117 overall. Ty!

I also would like to add being a fam of 5 it's not feasible for us to stay there with all of us but dd4 & dh are studying home this trip . Guilt or happiness?? Uggh

I hope you have a great trip! Never feel guilty about Disney. smile I've only ever stayed at POR, so I can't help with opinions on the other resorts. I will say, however, that it might be worth checking back on the room only discounts. I've been checking throughout the day and what has been available has changed as people cancel some rooms and book others. For example, there weren't any POFQ standard rooms available this morning, but then that category showed up after lunch. Keep trying online!

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AKL. Awesome resort!

I think AKL is the most beautiful resort in WDW - but that's a subjective opinion. I stayed at CBR once, in a non-preferred room, and didn't like it; it was just too much of a walk from the room to the main building, and I did not have good luck with the internal busses. I have no first-hand info on CSR.