CS meals -how much time?

How much time does one typically allow when putting touring plans together for CS meals? I know every family is different, we’re typically ones to get our food, sit down, eat and be done. I’m not sure how much time to plug into touring plans to allocate for my CS meals. Part of this too is I don’t know how long it takes to get through lines at lunchtime, etc.


It will very much depend on lines, but I always budget 45 minutes. At Christmas or over Spring Break, I might budget a bit more.

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Depending on lines I would estimate 45 minutes to an hour. If you go at prime meal times like 12:30 for lunch you can encounter some really long lines. If you go at off times like 1:30 they will be much shorter.

I allow an hour. This gives us time if we are behind or queues long. generally we eat about 12 or earlier. We find we need to rest and recharge more than eat as we go at Easter when parks open at 8. so by 12 we’ve been touring for 4 hrs. for Ts I allow 2 hrs but most people do 90 mins

Perfect, I have 1 hour in most of my plans right now. I do want to tweak my meal times a bit so I’m either eating before or after prime lunch times. Thanks!

I always try to overestimate meal times, since you’re not always seated right away, there’s usually a bathroom break afterward, and it’s a good chance to get caught up if I’m running a little behind schedule (or to get ahead of schedule for later in the day). Having said that, if you’re budgeting an hour for counter service, then you should be fine.

I always allow for an hour. But we are a family of 5 and sometimes it takes a long time to get 5 people (3 small kids) to all eat and be done. Usually the kids are goofing off for a while. :smile:

I concur 45-60 minutes for a CS, 60-90 for a TS are my standards. I hate rushing while I eat.