Crystal Palace Questions

The buffet Breakfast is served until 10:30 and buffet Lunch starts at 11. If we have reservations at 10:30 or 11, will both types of food be at the buffet? (so the picky grand-kids can still get the breakfast and the adults something more substantial?)
Also is it correct that breakfast, lunch and dinner are one Quick Serve credit?

(edited to correct BOG mix up)

Be Our Guest is not a buffet. You order from a menu. I’m not sure how the switch over happens. I know we ordered lunch food right at 11 and people were still finishing breakfast, but I don’t know if you could order both with one reservation.

It is QS at breakfast and lunch.


Agree with above. BOG is not buffet. We also found the lunch portions to be substantially bigger than the breakfast. I don’t think the breakfast and lunch overlap in terms of the food available.

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Oh my gosh, I meant Crystal Palace!
I plan on doing both and had mixed up which one I was looking at. Do you have any idea about CP buffet in these regards? Maybe I should re-post or correct my post title? I feel like such a newbie:roll_eyes:

What I’ve always read is that you want to book near the end of breakfast and you’ll be able to enjoy breakfast and lunch after they switch out the food. Never done it myself though.

If they say breakfast until 10:30 and lunch at 11, that may mean for the first half hour only breakfast is available if you book a 10:30 adr.

I’ve corrected the title for you so you get the answers you need but you might want to alter your opening post or people will be even more confused!

People normally talk about getting both breakfast and lunch at Tusker House, but I’ve seen it discussed at Crystal Palace too. I’ve only done pre opening breakfast there so no personal experience to share.

We had a late breakfast - I think 10:00 last May. There were two buffet sections and they had one open for breakfast and closed the other to switch it over. I do not remember when they opened the lunch section, but I don’t think it was before 11:00.

Love their breakfast though! Very addicting cheesy potatoes.

This part is now out of context… Be our guest is QS at breakfast and lunch and 2 credits at dinner. Crystal Palace is 1 credit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Just to help clarify since things got confusing.

I can’t speak to the breakfast lunch switch over at Crystal Palace. We experienced it at Hollywood and Vine back when it was Dis Jr for both breakfast and lunch… my only word of advice is if there is breakfast stuff you want, get it fast. My husband saw a dessert he wanted on the breakfast buffet and as the switchover to lunch happened, it disappeared. They wouldn’t bring it back out for him. :frowning:

Sounds like they need to take the CMs working the buffet who told him “No” and move them to working attraction lines to stop the line jumpers!

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Thanks everyone for the information! Corrected the wording in OP.