Crystal Palace Pre-Rope Drop

What time do you get into Magic Kingdom with a pre-rope drop breakfast? If park opens at 9, should I book 8 or 8:30 if I want to take a bunch of family pics on Main Street before breakfast?

  1. And know that this restaurant takes forever for the characters to get around. You need a solid 90 minutes here.

They let you in the park at 8:00 or reservation for 8:00? I just want to make sure that I get enough time to enjoy main st

You can get in at 7:45 I believe

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Sounds like you may not be aware that everyone is let into the park at 8 for a 9am opening.

They can go all the way down Main St to the Hub where there are ropes stopping them going any further. Only those with CRT and BOG reservations (plus BBB) can go through.

So to get pictures in a relatively empty Main St, you will have to be there for 7:45 and walk “with purpose” down to the Hub. And by the time you finish breakfast you’ll be behind the rope drop crowd.


I’m glad you mentioned that. When we did it five years ago, we had at least a 20 minute head start on everyone and have amazing pictures from an almost empty Main St. We do want to go to Crystal Palace for breakfast and the characters anyway, but maybe it isn’t worth doing it as pre-rope drop any more.