Crystal Palace or Chef Mickey B-day Bfast?

For our upcoming trip in December/January we are going to MK on January 4 which will be my sons 2nd birthday! We think a character meal will be allot of fun for him (and us)! Were thinking of as late a breakfast as possible between 1030-1100 to be utilize morning park time. So whats the pro and cons of each? I havent seen any reviews of CP since it came back for breakfast. Thanks!

CP = Pooh and pals. You don’t have to leave the park. Buffet

CM = Mickey and friends. Requires park exit. Family style.

I think you win either way it just depends which characters you prefer and which service (buffet v family style) is easiest for you.

I will say CP has been way way easier to get than CM recently


While I absolutely love CP and the Pooh gang I think CM may be a better fit for you with a 2yo. Not having to wrangle kids on trips to the buffet and time it so you don’t miss a character is a major perk of CM right now. Also CM has breakfast reservations available until 12ish so you can really maximize your morning park time too.


Thanks for the input these are all good points! Does anyone have experience with late breakfast going into lunch, will they begin serving lunch items right at 11 so we can try more things?

I don’t think CP let you do that in the before times. But we only did pre RD there so not certain.

CM doesn’t serve lunch right now (unless that has recently changed) so breakfast or dinner it is!

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Do you know which characters your kid prefers? My 2 yo loved Pooh and Friends so much. The smile on his face when he walked in CP and saw them was priceless.


So far my son has minimal experience with meeting characters. We last went in June of 21 when he was 6 months and meet and greets weren’t happening. Honestly since he hasn’t seen fur characters much I just hope he isn’t afraid of them.

I have done that late breakfast/ early lunch crossover reservation before and I do not recommend it. The characters take a big break then too and there’s kind of a gap where there’s not much food or characters to meet so you do waste a good amount of time.

Wow thats good to know, thanks! So around 10 is probably what we’ll go for. Everyone should be very hungry by then as we usually only eat granola bars or something while waiting for the bus or at the taps.

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He hadn’t either but who would he recognize from tv or books more?

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We did CM for my son’s 10th birthday on our last trip. I was also able to order a custom cake from the Contemporary bakery that was delivered to our table. It was a fun surprise for him!


My opinion would be Crystal Palace over Chef Mickeys - both are fun, but CM was much more chaotic/crowded and louder compared to CP and more character interaction was had at CP. That was just our experience, but you will enjoy either choice