Cruising Ultimate Packing List


How important is it to have a copy of your marriage licence? I considered it but then figured it wasn’t crucial. Anyone have any experience with needing it?

I would think if the name on your passport and all of your other documents have the same name, I wouldn’t think you would need it, but feel free to ignore this because I’ve never been on a cruise. Hopefully someone here can chime in.

If you are using a password, no marriage license is required. If you are using your drivers license and birth certificate, it is recommended that you have a bridging document which would be your marriage license. Best to bring it and not need it than to be refused boarding. But frankly, I haven’t seen anyone show it.

Not at all. I’ve never had anyone be asked or denied boarding with any cruise line without it.

While 'Ultimate" that list like some others that float around the internet need some updating for the new millennium. Does anyone carry an address book anymore?

Oh and look sweat bands have come BACK in style since that was written. Maybe address books will too.

Thanks for your input. I’ll have my passport and my name is correct on it. I’ll decide later on whether or not to bring a copy but I won’t worry about it in the meantime.

With a passport, nothing else is needed.

Grandma still carries an address book and seldom uses a computer.