Cruising the Skyliner for no reason

We have a quick getaway weekend in November at DW. We’re not staying anywhere where the Skyliner would be of benefit to us, but we want to ride it for the “experience”. Where would be the best place to get on and get off for just that purpose?

You can always take it from EPCOT to HS and vice versa.

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It should be very easy to exit Epcot through the international gateway, ride to CBR and then turn around and ride back. I think it is probably about 15 minutes total round trip including exiting at CBR and re-boarding. If you want to go any farther, that will be an option also, just depends how long you want to ride. You could make a circuit of the whole skyliner system.

If you go from HS, it’s only about 2 minutes (I think) ride to CBR, but then you could continue on to another stop if you want.


I’m really sad we missed this on our trip this past summer. Does anyone know how long the total trip is from EPCOT to DHS? Adding up @heidelj’s numbers, maybe about 20 minutes?

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Timing info here (can’t find an equivalent page on TP, I did look):

We’re planning on going from Pop to MK basically just for a skyliner and monorail ride…maybe Capt. Cook’s at the end of it!


There’s a thread with the numbers, let me see if I can find it…

Here it is:

A little over 11 minutes of travel time, plus you have to de-board and re-board at CBR on the way. I’d guess 15 minutes travel time if there is not really a line at CBR (or Epcot). Ideally, this will be faster than walking or riding the boat, as long as you can walk out the IG, hop right on the Skyliner, and transfer with no delays at CBR. I’m looking forward to it, with the exception of it bringing crowds to the IG.

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These are basically the same numbers posted on WDWMagic. Here’s a link to a video…

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Thanks, everybody. I thought it would be pretty quick just based on the detachable gondolas I’ve ridden at ski resorts. I think it’d be a fun way to go back and forth!


I think I’m going to visit CBR from DHS - I’ve never been and there are a few food stops there that tend to get good reviews. So I think I may explore on my arrival day in Spring since I won’t have a park ticket.


We rode it from Hollywood to CBR and back. It’s the shortest leg and also was the leg with the shortest line at CBR.

This was opening day , but CBR was crazy - very packed and long lines.


Do you think a lot of it was because of breakdowns causing the lines to back up? I would think that if it runs normally, there shouldn’t be much backup, but if one of the outgoing lines shuts down for a few minutes, that could create a line pretty quickly that would be difficult to work down at a busy time.

My wife was asking me about this last night. Wondering what people have reported in terms of lines. How long are the lines just to board the Skyliner taking? And are they really loading up each gondola as much as possible, or are they just kind of loading smaller groups (limited to same families, etc)? It seems like if they aren’t fully loading, it will reduce throughput significantly.

That’s the real gamble with the Skyliner. Unless you’re travelling from CBR, you are going to have to offload and get in another line. If they don’t have wait times posted when you board at IG, you might get to CBR and find out that you have a 30 minute wait to get to HS. This would be extreme, but if the line shuts down, that’s it. If a bus breaks down, they just send more buses. If the Skyliner breaks down, I wonder if they are able to respond quickly enough with buses to avoid a long wait.

All lines appeared to be running when we were there. For more context - it was 5 pm, so I would not have expected it to be very busy. It WAS the first day, so I’m sure they are still working out the chaos.

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We were in line for about 5 minutes, but again, the CBR -> Hollywood line was the absolutely shortest line. We had intended to go to Epcot and back but changed our mind when we saw the line.

The cars were not even close to being full. The three of us shared a car with one other person on the way to CBR. Part of that was some drama with the guy in front of us with a small stroller, who wouldn’t get in a car with other people saying he wouldn’t fit. The cast member literally said, “Sir, these cars will fit 8-10 people,” and he ended up in a car alone.

On the way back, someone was filming a video, so the person loading cars put us in a different car so we wouldn’t be surprise guest stars, but no one else joined us.

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Has anyone taken the Skyliner from IG to Riviera and then back from Riviera to IG? What were the lines like at the IG station and then waiting to come back at the Riviera station?

Hopefully - they are pretty good about buses when the friendship boats can’t run. Surely they’ll be quick about these as well.

Are they still running regular buses from say CBR to DHS? Do you have to take Skyliner or do you have a choice?

My understanding is that they are a replacement for the buses.

That’s what I figured - hopefully they are on it with the buses when things go awry with weather or operation

I did it this Monday. Went from DHS to CBR and back for no reason in the middle of the afternoon (as a mini break from the park). No line on either way, very pleasant ride.