Cruise Transfer

Many blogs and post say that although the DCL bus is great, they tend to get you to port later in the afternoon than other means of transfer. Anyone have experience taking a DCL bus from MCO to Port Canaveral? I’m wondering if I get to the bus at the airport at 10am could I expect to be at Port within an hour? Thoughts or suggestions on transfer options other than DCL? TIA

Sorry, but we didn’t take it from MCO but from WDW. We took the bus transfer on our last trip. It picked us up at Animal Kingdom Lodge and took us to the cruise ship at Port Canaveral. It seemed very well organized and we had no problems; took us right to the ship.

buses from WDW get to PC later, but the first buses from MCO leave around 9am — with regular departures after that — and get you there about an hour later. so iyou should be fine if you are going from MCO.