Cruise Questions from Completely Clueless

We just had an amazing spring break in WDW. I’m trying to find ideas for next year and am considering a cruise. I’m not sure we can afford a DCL though. Is there a Cruise 101 book I could find. I seriously have no idea how to find information on the best cruise lines for kids. How to get deals. Any idea on what it would cost, etc?

1 Like is a useful site for all things cruising, including discussion boards. They have lots of articles on topics that can help you. Otherwise, do it old school and use your local library, but books are often out of date. Still, they’re a starting point.

A certain publisher, of a certain website (ahemm) actually puts out a very nice book on a certain cruise line. We’ve purchased and got good use out of it in the past. Seriously, well worth the modest cost.


You could also start with this: