Cruise Meal Questions

Hello, we are doing a 4 day disney world 3 night cruise combo in Sept. I have a question about the cruise dinners. On regular cruises there is a formal night where usually one of the best meals takes place. I wanted to take my wife to Remy’s but I am not sure what night to make it because I do not want to miss out on a formal night if they have one. I was thinking about making reservations for the first night on the cruise for Remy’s. Anyone have any insight or suggestions on this.


On a three-night cruise, you have one “cruise casual” night (the first night), pirate night (usually the second night), and one “optional dress-up night” (usually the last night), so there’s no formal night per se. Doing a fancy meal on the first night can be a bit of a challenge if your luggage is running a little late and your dinner reservation is a little early, as Remy does require dressing up.

IMO, my least-favorite menu has always been the pirate night one on both the Dream and the Fantasy, so that would be the night I’d skip. That said, you’ll want to check your dining rotation to make sure you don’t miss a standard rotational dining restaurant that you’d really like to experience (like Animator’s Palate if that’s your thing).

The meal at Remy will be so amazing that you shouldn’t feel bad about missing any main dining room meal for it. Just book it and enjoy!

We went on the Dream in April and we loved the Pirate Night menu, actually wished we could eat it twice! Pirate night is also Castaway Cay day, so plan on being tired from being in the sun all day. Good luck deciding which night to do- I would probably do the first night.

My husband just pointed out over dinner that the last night may be a little difficult because you have to have your luggage out in the hallway by 10 PM, otherwise you have to carry it off the ship yourself (which is a pain and a half). If you’ve got a late dinner at Remy, you’ll be carting your formalwear with you in the morning because you won’t be back in time to change and get it out in the hall.