Cruise casual?

Boarding the Magic on friday for a 12-night cruise in Europe. The packing list from the disney website says that cruise casual means no shorts, swimwear, or tank tops. On the other time, the book we received in the mail simply says “no swimwear or tank tops”. Does this mean my DH and my DS2 need to wear long pants for dinner every night? I guess I was under the impression that khaki shorts and a polo would be nice enough for the “cruise casual” nights, with me wearing capris or a skirt. DH is packing long pants and a button-down for dinner at Palo. Any insight?

We went on the Dream in April and my DS11 wore khaki shorts to the 3 cruise casual dinners. Most of the boys there and plenty of the men did as well. For the one dress=up night, DS did wear pants, though still saw plenty in nice shorts. They should be fine in nice shorts. I wore capris the 3 casual nights. and a dress on the dress-up night. We certainly were not underdressed. Disney cruises are fairly casual compared to some of the other cruise lines. Have fun!

We have done 5 DCL cruises and on casual nights a lot of people wear nice shirts and shorts it’s just what makes you feel comfortable