Cruella's Hide-A-Way Cost

Received the email last night about the Cruella event…Am i right in estimating this would cost around $200? You need a ticket to MNSSHP plus the $99 for this event

Yup. A bit under $200 on certain days when the price for a MNSSHP tix is under $100.

Yea that’s what I thought. Totally crazy price:crazy_face:

I’m not sure it’s really that out of line with any other upcharge events. The Festival of Fantasy Parade Package is $30 - $40 cheaper, but it’s not a buffet, there’s no alcohol, and there’s no Cruella. It’s only $15 more than the MNSSHP Fireworks Dessert Party, and there’s no Cruella there either. Now it is crazy that the price is the same for kids and adults.

Yeah, it’s basically a fireworks dessert party, which I wouldn’t be likely to book anyway outside of an anniversary trip. But the parties are so short that paying for an additional event within an event seems a little bonkers. Also 9:30 pm is nowhere close to dinner time, so how much food is anyone actually going to eat?
That said, if Cruella is actually there mingling, a number of people will book it solely for that.


I agree, but this one is less crazy than others I would think because you can come and go at your leisure. Other than it being in an inconvenient location, it could potentially take up less
time than a QS meal.

That depends on where you are from.

Most definitely!

I’m sorry, I haven’t heard anything about this. Can you let me know what this new money grabbing sorcery is?

I want to do this so badly!!!

You must be under the spell of “this new money grabbing sorcery” :slight_smile:

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I am in the right forum am I not? :rofl::joy::rofl:


I heard (on another podcast) that last year’s Cruella event had the participants feeling more like hostages. They couldn’t leave the area, or they would forfeit the ability to enjoy the “party”. But they paid for the MNSSHP, and wanted to enjoy it all, but really couldn’t do so.

THIS 2019 version lets you come in and out after their dinner rush, it seems, and gets you a better view of the 11:15 parade, AND you can stay after the park is closed… kinda. Till 12:30am, you know, because you’re a night owl and whatnot. :owl::first_quarter_moon_with_face::last_quarter_moon_with_face::owl:

DFB mentioned there is beer, wine, and more… but I don’t think anyone knows what more will be until the first event drops on August 16th.

Still… Crudités :carrot::broccoli::mushroom::tomato: and Chocolate covered strawberries :strawberry::strawberry::strawberry:

The jury is out in our house.

If you like booze with your snacks, I can’t recommend the STAR WARS DESSERT PARTY highly enough. The frozen nutella treat, warm bread pudding mash-up (you have to taste both to believe it), and the open bar with the regular booze (beer/wine, some mixed drinks too) and the specialty drinks is a must-do.

We’re going in mid-September, and they still haven’t released the party dates (because, I’m guessing, Galaxy’s Edge analysis for Disneyland and whatever they’re going to do in DHS). We want to go, I wish it would drop on the MDE app already.

I was able to book this the first day it was available with the wrong cheaper price. I think our plan will be to check in at 9:30, grab some snacks than move closer to the castle to watch the show. Then we’ll go do some rides, ToT, come back at around 11 for more snack and parade reserved spot. Then we’ll head back out for a few more rides & ToT. Then go back until 12:30.