CRT- which one to keep

I have a CRT for 9:05 on a regular park opening day or a 8:20 on a EMH morning.
Which one should I keep?

Honestly I’d say neither. I’d be trying for as close to 8 as possible on a 9am opening, or alternatively a later breakfast around 10.30 (though I don’t know what time CRT stops serving breakfast). Either one at the moment means missing out on prime touring time.

If you can’t change to a better time, I think I’d lean towards the 8.20 during EMH, would show up early and hope to be out and able to get a couple of rides in before 9am.

All depends on your goal for the trip. If your goal is to maximize park time and get the rides in that you will have long waits for later in the day-then I would book a later breakfast. If your goal is to do things you’ve never done before and CRT breakfast is on that list then I would keep the one on the EMH day as there may be less people at that time.