Our next trip is really the perfect storm for me for finally getting into either CRT or BOG for dinner at Magic Kingdom. DS won’t be with me (just me and my niece), no princesses (never really interested in the meet and greet princess thing). I’ve done BOG lunch a long time ago and have wanted to try dinner. But this may be the shot at CRT and eating in Cinderella’s castle. Anyone have any preference over the two? Thoughts?

It’s THE CASTLE!!! Nothing beats that for bragging rights, to this old sentimental fool.

You’ve been to BOG, so you’ve seen the inside and it has no windows. CRT is new to you, it has windows, and it’s THE CASTLE! I know they’re both expensive (but you’re a party of two), and food quality isn’t their main draw. I ate at CRT on my first trip in '82, and want to do it again someday, just because…

I hope you get to do whichever one you pick.


I would go with CRT.

BOG is very expensive for what it is now

And there’s just something ultra special about eating in the castle


Has your niece been to either ? It is her 21st birthday trip? My niece, 29 had been to CRT when she was a teenager and I took her to BOG dinner in December. Her mother (my sister) was a little offended when my niece said it was the highlight of her year (she had a large dream wedding in June).

For my niece, BOG and Beauty and the Beast, was a story from her childhood. It was her dream come true. CRT is a castle from a fairy tale.

Do you know what she would feel that connection to?

I will never, ever, forget my niece’s joy that night.


I think this story seals the deal! It is her 21st birthday trip. She has been in BOG for the lunchtime meal - it was an utter disaster and I think DS still has flashbacks to it! (We were THAT family - hot June afternoon, my niece, then 17 or 18 was fighting with my nephew and sister - it was just a miserable meal!)

Everyone is right, it’s the CASTLE! I’m canceling the BOG right now…thanks everyone!


Plus, my favorite niece Disney memory is her leaving something on our Disney Cruise upset when she was 6 - we met Cinderella in the hallway on the way back to our room and she stopped to help cheer her up. It’s something my mom brings up ever time we talk Disney. I think she will feel nostalgic.



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I’m late to this party, but I agree with everyone else. It has to be CRT. They literally treat you like royalty there. At BOG they treat you like cattle.

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