CRT timing for fireworks

I have a reservation at CRT at 5:50pm on a night when fireworks are at 8pm. Assuming we’ll be done by 7:30ish do you think we’ll have a problem leaving the castle to watch the fireworks? I’ve heard stories of people being held at castle gate until fireworks are over😬. Anyone have any experience with this? TIA😊

There are some ways around Cinderella’s Castle during the fireworks that can be used to get to a spot where you can view the fireworks. Check your map of the park.

I think you should be fine.

We did CRT in October, and I recall taking some pictures of the mosaics on our way out to see the fireworks because there were very few guests there. The pictures were taken around 8:32 pm, and I believe the fireworks started at 9:00 pm.

The CMs there let us know exactly by what time we needed to leave. If I remember correctly, they said we needed to leave by 8:45 pm that night.

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Thank you! This is very helpful!!!

Do you recall what your reservation time was for? Just curious how long dinner will take. Thanks!!!

Our reservation was for 6:55 pm.

If you’ve never been there, something you’ll want to know is that you will want to check in pretty much right at the time of your reservation. Everywhere else it is recommended that you show up about 15 minutes early, but at CRT they won’t check you in until your reservation time.

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ONce again very helpful! Thanks.

Where did you end up watching the fireworks from?

We ended up viewing them between the Plaza Restaurant and the restaurant seating outside. It was pretty packed at that point, so it was difficult to find a spot.

No problem at all. We are at 7:10 in a 9pm fireworks night and it was perfect. We walked out and had a front and center spot to watch from.

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Geat thank you!

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