CRT princess schedule?

Is there any way to know what Princesses will be at CRT on a certain day? I know Rapunzel sometimes makes an appearance but not in the normal rotation. Meeting her is must and I’d rather not wait in the Fairytale Hall line if I know she’ll be at CRT. CRT is literally the last night and the last thing on our agenda.

Could you add in a Bon Voyage Breakfast somewhere in your schedule? She’s usually there.

Too difficult. We’re staying at AoA. I’d rather wait in line.

Are you going to Epcot? Do you have something else on your plan for that day? Boardwalk is a short walk out of World Showcase.

We’re doing Akershus too. My kids are very young and I’m not going back for naps (hoping for stroller naps). I want to make RD so I think I’d be late and I think it’s too much out of my day to go another time. Plus a month out I don’t think I’d get a res. TP is only saying 19 min wait for Princess Hall so I’ll just wait. It would just be nice if the Princess schedule was known.

Kenny the Pirate might know, but you have to pay for that information. He seems to have an “in” on the schedules.


When is your trip? Skyliner might make that trip a little bit easier?

April 27-May 2. Too soon.

Ah. Dang.

Wave to me tho - I’m there 24th-29th!

I :heart: KTP.
It’s been worth the charge for access in the past.

True, and a subscription gives you access to their “chat” where you could ask as well. Be warned, though, they are not as friendly as we are.



ARR they be pirates on that site.:pirate_flag:


Hahahaha! Good point!

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This is — by far — the friendliest WDW message board I have found on this side of the Atlantic. I’ve been a part of most of them since 2007 or so.