CRT Princess rotation

Does anyone the best way to find out which princesses will be at CRT during a visit? My boss is going in Mid-September and I want to send her girls a note from the princesses inviting them to join them for breakfast.
Is there a way to know for sure who the princesses will be or does it change daily?

In the dining area, it’s pretty much always - Snow White, Ariel, Aurora, Jasmine

You take a portrait with Cinderella in the lobby of the castle before going to eat.

FYI - They rotate in a circle starting from the outer wall / windows into the interior of the restaurant. If time is a factor for them, ask to be seated near the windows.

when we were there in December, it was Snow White, Mulan, Rapunzel, and Aurora. I had seen different ones listed which is why I wondered when it is determined which ones will be there

I have been numerous times and have seen one or two rotate, but that’s your “standard” group of Princesses at CRT. (I’m assuming the rotations were caused by certain CM schedule issues.) GL!!

Maybe do a letter from Cinderella only since she is guaranteed (pretty much) to be there. Have her invite the little girl to join her and her “princess friends” for breakfast. That way there is no disappointment if the lineup changes.


THIS!! :smile:

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ha ha - that is EXACTLY what I have drafted!! Better to be safe than disappoint

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I did a “royal decree” inviting the kids to dine in the palace, printed it on parchmenty paper, rolled it up, and put it in a box with a tiara. They loved it. I wish I had taken some pics of it!

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Cinderella is the only guarantee. Have it come from her.

Plot twist: have it come from Prince Charming. :slight_smile:

“Listen, I don’t want to make a big thing about this, but my buddies and I have yet to see the Galaxy’s Edge area. I wanna build a lightsaber! But Cindy keeps nagging me about this and that. Can you stop by the castle and distract her for a little bit? Thanks, I’ll owe ya.”

(or…y’know…do the cool thing and have Cinderella send them an invite. Whichevs. :wink: )


A+ for creativity :slight_smile: