CRT Lunch

I have an ADR for CRT breakfast at 8:05 but I’m thinking my little ones will probably not appreciate being rushed out so early in the morning 2 days in a row (Have a ADR for Hollywood and Vine the morning before) and am considering changing it to an early lunch. I’ve read great things about CRT breakfast but can’t seem to find that many reviews on lunch.

Anyone do CRT lunch? Love it? Hate it? Suggestions?

My complaint about it — which may say more about me than it does about CRT — is that the starters are an outrage. A cold meat plate is a lazy starter. But a manky salad is an even lazier one. I expected something much more creative and compelling.

Also it’s a bit of a factory. We did the whole thing in under an hour.

Double also I think the souvenirs they give you are cheap and tacky.

Triple also I find face characters weird.

A normal person — especially a child — would tell you the whole experience is magical. Which it probably is. But I like a decent starter and don’t like cheap plastic tat and princesses.

I was the wrong person to answer this.


We just did CRT lunch about three weeks ago. It was fine. The food was good, the character interactions were just fine (not super fantastic or anything, but fine). I guess it was what we expected? I didn’t feel like it was any better or any worse than the other character meals we did (Garden Grill, Tusker House, Trattoria al Forno). Yes, @profmatt, the souvenirs are kind of tacky. We took our three girls, ages 4, 6, 8. They enjoyed it.


So my daughter is not a huge princess person. Shes much more into superheroes… But, we decided to book CRT bc we heard eating in the castle is magical. And that getting into MK earlier than regular crowds may give us some cool photo opps? If I switch to lunch, maybe there’s no reason to go at all.

I’m starting to rethink this ADR, Maybe we will try QS lunch at BOG instead?

We have tons of other character dining booked but was going for the castle.

So many decisions…

Castle is lovely inside. Much quieter than BOG is at lunchtime. Also much more expensive.

I will be the dissenter. We have done dinner there and will repeat. We like to meet characters in general, especially without lines, but we have no real princess fans. Thought the food was really good and enjoyed the setting and the pomp and circumstance of the castle. For lunch, it would be a nice break from the park for sure.

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I had CRT dinner and my husband and I both really enjoyed the food. My daughter (5 at the time) was nearly asleep and basically doesn’t eat anything so her opinion doesn’t actually count here. We did CRT breakfast on our honeymoon 9 years ago and it was just ordinary.

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We’ve only ever done lunch and dinner at CRT, but we love it. The food and service have been consistently good, and there’s nothing like being in the castle.

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We went recently for dinner. Really enjoyed it but it is a one and fine for us.

I think it’s somewhere you want to experience at least once, so I’d do it if your kids are at the right age