CRT instead of Artist’s point

ADR day today. I got everything I wanted (including Space ) except for Artist’s point at 60+9. I was shocked. So I pivoted to CRT. It says online now tax and gratuity extra - is that correct or is it included?

What princesses are at dinner usually now? I’m hoping still Aurora and Ariel.

That sounds right but I can’t remember for sure. Bumping it up for people who know.

Keep trying to get artist pointe. It was the one that I also missed out on for arrival day but used stakeout (free version) and got it the other day.

I’ve read it may load later than others. Keep looking if you really want Artist Point.

I was thinking that was the case. Now that I have CRT think it might be better for the kids. They loved it last time. I just wanted to try something new.

Just also note that if you couldn’t find anything at 60+9, it is possible that Artist’s Point hasn’t loaded yet. Set up an ADR finder and keep checking.