CRT Dinner and Wishes

Hoping somebody can help with a question regarding the timing of our CRT dinner reservations and Wishes. We currently have an 8:20 dinner reservation at CRT on a night when Wishes is scheduled to begin at 10. I have been stalking the website for an earlier reservation, but I do not have high hopes. Assuming we keep the 8:20 reservation, what are the odds that we will be done in time to watch Wishes, assuming we do not want to rush through our meal? And, even if we are done in time, what are the odds of us leaving the castle and finding a decent spot to watch the show? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

I think you may be tight but it should be very possible if you get into CRT on time. Can you try checking in 15 minutes early? You do not have to wait for the check!

We’ve watched Wishes from CRT. It’s phenomenal. They dim the lights a bit. The music is playing. It’s seriously magical.

My advice is to enjoy your meal. Do not rush. You’ll have one of the best views possible from the restaurant.

The only thing you won’t see is Tinkerbell flying through the sky.

disney1974, thanks the the insight. I am having a hard time imagining what the fireworks would look like from inside the castle. They are over the castle, right? So would we just see the reflections of lights but not really fireworks? Also, if we are done eating right before 10, but we decide to stay inside for the fireworks, will they let us linger? Or should I just slip my wine very, very slowly :wink: Thank you!

PrincipalTinker, thanks for the input. If we leave the castle, would we have to push our way through a mob of people gathered outside? I imagine people might be upset if we try to join in the crowd at the last moment. Any thoughts? Thank you!

You can watch the fireworks from the back of the castle or walk around and try to see them from the front. The paths to the side of the castle most likely will be closed. As long as you do not stand in front of someone much smaller than you, or lift your children up in your shoulders you can move up to the last minute!

The fireworks are mostly shot off way behind the castle. It’s just a brilliant illusion by the imagineers that makes it seem like it’s right over the castle.
However, there are a few that are shot off very close to or actually on the castle. CRT offered a really amazing vantage point for most of the show.

disney1974, you have been so incredibly helpful, and I am sorry to be a nuisance, but I was hoping you might respond to one more question…can you see the fireworks from tables in CRT that aren’t by a window? Do they let people gather around other windows, or are you just craning your neck to see through a distant window with other people in the way? Thank you!