CRT breakfast or dinner?

CRT breakfast or dinner?

I’m shooting for a dinner res myself. Well not by myself. You know what I mean.

So have you ever had either meal there? Just wondering which is better… probably a better experience. Not so worried about food!

I haven’t but I assume if you time it right with dinner the fireworks may come into play!

I’ve done both a breakfast and dinner at CRT. The breakfast is decent, as is the dinner menu. As you know, you’re paying for the experience, not the food. Personally, I preferred the dinner there. The whole setting just seems nicer when its darker outside.

I’m not sure if it is common, but, because of the condensation on the windows in the morning, we weren’t able to see out into the park, but we could see fine during the dinner. Also, if you enjoy having an alcoholic beverage, from what I understand, CRT is now serving them at dinner time.

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