CRT breakfast or dinner

Which would you choose: pre rope drop CRT or dinner at CRT?
I do have the option for a slightly later pre rope drop BOG for the same day (as of now the reservation was still available)

ooh I have the same question, pre-RD breakfast or lunch. I have been eyeballing the breakfast menu since last year and I want to try one of everything!! Also you get the park to yourself for a few photos and maybe on rides early–though I doubt you can get on them very early since you would have to rush your character dining–which I definitely wouldn’t at CRT. Get your money’s worth of princess time!! We did dinner last year and enjoyed it.

We had plenty of time with our pre-RD BOG to get a few low crowd park pictures, eat at BOG, get a few pics of the restaurant, and get ahead of the RD crowd for the attractions.

Even with the earliest CRT pre-RD reservation you would really have to rush and perhaps skip meeting a princess to beat the RD crowd. Especially given the cost of the meal, I wouldn’t want to do that. We enjoyed our CRT dinner. I would consider trying a breakfast there but later in the morning.

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If I was forced into eating there it would be for breakfast because it’s the cheapest. I have no problem paying a lot for a good meal (what I paid to eat at the V&A Chefs Table is quite shocking). But if I’m paying $75 for a dinner, I want it to be for a full filet dinner at CG, not for run of the mill food and a chance to meet college girls dressed up in princess costumes…

It works well in our dining plan so the cost isn’t a concern. Also my DS5 loved CRT last year. Lots of pretty princesses listening raptly to him retell their stories and ask them questions was a highlight of the trip. I even asked if he wanted to go back this year to make sure I wasn’t assuming the choice. He said “yes!” Can’t beat the magical world of a 5-year old :slight_smile:

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Also, I have heard about a lot of people getting burned with the pre-rope drop breakfasts if/when the hours change. Maybe you could take a look at the historical hours to see if there is a high likelihood of that happening in which case you may want to go with dinner.

This is a VERY good point to consider. I was going to say breakfast but this can and does happen. Often.