CRT & BOG - Breakfast

I’m thinking about trying to get a breakfast reservation for one of these before the park opens…about how long do these two meals typically take…1 hour?

are there princesses at CRT? I know the beast isnt at BOG at breakfast, but what about Belle?

what’s the earliest reservation time I could get?

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I cannot answer all of your questions.

Belle is not at breakfast at BOG.

There are no characters at BOG breakfast. There are princesses at CRT (which ones varies slightly). BOG is a QS meal and you can pre-order your meal. If you pre-order then your breakfast will be quick (sometimes as quick as 30 minutes for us). That is a big advantage if you are trying to do a PPO breakfast so that you can jump in line for 7DMT before the rest of crowd. Now CRT is a TS meal and takes time. You normally meet Cinderella downstairs before being seated and then after you are seated the other princesses come to your table. We have never been out of there is less than 75 minutes and typically it’s a little longer. It’s not a great option for PPO if you want to beat the crowd. But it’s a good choice for meeting princesses. It just depends on what you want to accomplish with an early breakfast.

I thought you had to make reservations for BOG breakfast?? Is it a QS AND reservations??

Yes BOG is a QS and you must have a ADR breakfast and lunch is QS and dinner is TS and Beast is at dinner.

Strange as it is–BOG breakfast is a QS. And it’s a hard reservation to get if you want a PPO time. But it’s a great use of a QS credit on the dining plan because it’s ridiculously expensive for a QS.