CRT and HEA Fireworks

Found some older posts on this, but what are people’s experiences about CRT with fireworks. We will definitely being doing dinner at CRT and to help justify the cost am thinking about just booking a 8PM reservation to avoid a dessert party. We will also have seen the MNSSHP fireworks already and have seen HEA before. Is it an interesting experience in the castle? Can you see anything?

my friend did this in October. She said it was great but you really don’t get a great view of the fireworks, especially if you aren’t sitting near the window. And with the princesses coming around, that is the focus, not the fireworks happening outside. My friend also booked a dessert party since this was their first trip and they had never seen HEA. She was so glad she did. But, if you have seen it already, maybe it isn’t as big of a deal.

Attached is a view from their seat, this is while fireworks are going off


Yeah, the very limited windows and the fact that the fireworks are mainly going off over the castle — not the experience you’d imagine it to be. Get a dinner about 90 mins before and then head out to the hub for the show.

I agree with what everyone has said. There really isn’t a great view of the fireworks, but it is a unique vantage point. When we went my almost 3 year old DS hit it off with Snow White and she came back and watched the fireworks with him. That was pretty magical.

So, if one had 7:25 reservations on a night when HEA is at 9:00, should the goal be to finish up and get outside? Wouldn’t it be hard to find a spot? I have friends with this reservation and I think their expectation is to still be in the dining room for fireworks. Or will it get awkward at 8:30 and they’ll feel pushed out?

That’s tight timing.

If they are done the cast will direct them out front and there will be space But under 90 minutes for this meal is. Ouch.

I think our ressie was for 7pm on a 9pm HEA (then Wishes) and we just made it

Thanks. I think I’m just going to assume they will stay inside (and I will recommend they catch the full show on a different evening). Do you think they will be able to linger if the meal goes quickly? I’m not sure how pushy CRT is to get the tables back. Just ask for coffee, right?

Once they are seated the table is theirs. No need to hurry away.

But DO tip wait staff accordingly.