CRT and after Fireworks Dessert Party

I booked the after-fireworks dessert party and CRT on our MK day. The plan is to stack some LL, get to MK later and stay for extended hours. DD really wanted CRT so I have a 5:50 reservation and also picked up the after fireworks dessert party. Do you think that’s too much? We do want to do rides but we are DLR local (pass holders) so MK duplicate rides are not a huge priority. We will get ILLs for Tron and SDMT which are the priority. If we didn’t do the dessert party I would say fireworks are a nice to have. Not the most important but I’d like to see how the show is different. We don’t love crowds and won’t wait an hour to get a good seat. The price is also a bit of an issue - even though it’s already paid for. What do you think?

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Even for the After Party you should still show up to the seating area ahead of time if you want a good spot. We got there an hour ahead - 8:00 - and were right at the front - though some people did try to come and edge their way in later. I would say it was starting to fill in by 8:20-8:30. On our night the viewing area was very full. The pre-party people come closer to 9 (and some of them also thought they were going to get in front of us). There was a lot of food at the post-party, and unlimited drinks too, but my husband and I don’t drink alcohol and we’re not big eaters - it was a one and done for us.


CRT already comes with dessert, so it will be a bit of a sugar rush. It might be enough time between dinner and the party that you might be able to get something in. The one good thing, though, is that the CMs will help you “swim upstream” back to Tomorrowland Terrace for the dessert party. From there, you can eat and then head for Tomorrowland and Tron.

This is a lot of money for the food you’re getting, but it’s nice just not having to wait as much for things.

Also, I like to be in the back of the fireworks viewing area, it usually gives you a good empty spot in front of you so fewer heads in your immediate field of vision.

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DS and I arrived at the turf area at 8:45 and pushed a few strollers 6” to get a spot at the back rail. Party area was very crowded and not what I remembered from past years. This was a CL 2 on Thursday

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That is pretty crowded! Great view though before everyone stands up. Also we are shorties. I’m leaning towards it not being worth it.