CRT ADR Change - Refund?

I had made an ADR for breakfast at CRT a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, it was for a later time than I had hoped for. However, with TP’s awesome Reservation Finder, I was alerted to an opening for the earlier time that I wanted. It worked great. The link took me right to the page I needed to make the reservation, and I got it. :grin:

But now I have a question. With CRT ADRs one is required to pay for the meal/experience in advance. I canceled my original ADR right after making my new one. This was a few hours ago. I checked my credit card information, and they have now charged me for the second ADR. Will WDW automatically issue a refund to my credit card for the canceled one? I’m guessing they will, but I thought I’d check with the experts here in case there might be something else I will need to do on my end.

Yes they will. It sometimes takes a few days. I had this same issue with HDDR.

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Thanks, @AuntB_luvsDisney. I’ll keep an eye out for the refund.