Crowds - Spring Break vs. Summer (July)

What do you think “feels” busier? I know that the summer heat can take a lot out of you, but was just curious if the crowds throughout the summer are equivalent to the SB crowds? We were there Mar 14-16 (Mon-Wed) of this year (2016) and doing a one-day return trip on July 12 (Tues). Just curious what crowd level opinions are…

I think spring break feels busier. I had only ever gone during the northeast’s April Vacation (usually 2nd week of April), sometimes coinciding with Easter. The place always felt mobbed. We were last in the World on the second week of July, circa 2007…didn’t feel as crowded as mid-April to me.

We did SB last year at DLR and it was straight 10s but with perfect weather. We have done many weekends Memorial Day-Labor Day and only rarely see 10s through those, even though it’s still busy with 7/8/9s. In the summer a midday break was much more necessary because of the combo of heat/crowds but the hours were typically longer making a midday break seem even a better idea with many rides being walk-on later esp during first Paint the Night parade and fireworks.