Crowds on a MNSSHP Afternoon

We are going to AK and MK on Day 1 of our trip. I know I can’t count on getting a FP for FOP, so my plan for now is to RD FOP and do other AK stuff in the morning with my family. Ideally, we would take a nap for the benefit of my five year old and then hit MK for a couple of hours to use our 3 FP, but that is also a MNSSHP day (we are not going to that party). Am I foolish to plan to arrive at MK around 3:30 or 4, which is also when the partygoers are allowed into the park? Crowd calendar for that day says it will be a 5, but I don’t know if that takes into account the MNSSHP arrivals in the last two hours before the park closes. Does it become a morass? Am I better of pushing my five year old and booking our MK FP for immediately after AK (and likely do a very late nap instead?)

Thanks in advance for any insights!

I’m in a very similar situation as you with the MK day. Its also a party night and we are not hopping. We plan to RD and exit park by 4pm when the party crowds start arriving. Thus opting for the late nap for our Dgd4. Worse case is she naps in the stroller during the day and the adults will hit a few grown up rides.

Party Attendance fluctuates in a fashion similar to Park Attendance … Generally speaking, the closer you get to Halloween the greater the Party Attendance. The evenings just before Halloween are PACKED.

Late last September by 5:30, the Park Attendance had swelled significantly, but the wait times were still tolerable because guests were splitting there attention between the Halloween activities and the regular attractions. By 8:30 the wait times had increased dramatically.

What dates are you attending?

PS … Every child is different, but think carefully about how hard push to fill your plans.

Hi Linsalt. That’s helpful. Our date is Sunday Oct. 21. We would be trying to squeeze in a few FP from about 4 to 6 but yeah, I’m reconsidering this plan. My Plan A is to snag a FP for FOP in the pm and do MK at RD in the a.m., but at 60+1 I know my odds are slim to get a FP at 60+1 (we are staying onsite). So for my Plan B–RD FOP and MK after, I have to be thinking about whether to schedule my MK FP around 1-3 or 4-6.

Thanks. Yeah, we may end up doing that after all. My 5 year old may be a little more hardy by then. Maybe I will luck out and get a FP for FOP in the p.m. so that we can RD MK, take a nap, and then do AK post-nap and without an early end time like MK. But I won’t know until 60 days out.

I’d be wary of trying to squeeze in MK just before party start. My temptation would be to try for a later naptime and go straight from AK to MK. You can always rest that evening since you’ll be done so early.

Our day is also Oct 21 so we may cross paths. Too funny. Have you considered MK in the AM, long afternoon break, and then AK at night? Lots of folks have been successfully getting in FoP line a few minutes before park closes and reporting appx a 45 min wait. If park closes at 9 that would put you at appx. 9:45. Nothing is gauranteed of course , but this is whats being reported by quite a few people and several podcasts. With a sufficient nap that shouldn’t be too much on the toddler but you know yours best. It would also give you a chance to see Pandora at night. Havnt seen it myself just yet but I’ve heard it’s pretty neat. This is, of course, in case you cant fpp fpr FoP.

Thanks. With these answers to my qu I think I will avoid 4-6 pm in MK.

That is too funny! So are you saying that the report of a < 60 min wait is that that is fairly consistent? I hadn’t considered that only b/c it seems like it could be a wild card whereas RD can be somewhat predictable if arriving 90 min early. But maybe another option to consider–thank you! (And btw, any tips on getting a FP for FOP at 60 +!?)

Here are my thoughts. Yes, from everything I’m reading and listening to it appears once the fpp line is shut down (@ park closing) the standby line moves fairly quick. I’ve seen wait times say 60-120 minutes but the actual times are < 60. On our AK day (which will be Monday 10/22) our plans are to RD it, mid day break, and get in line at closing for a 2nd ride. We will also try and get a fpp for it but im not hopeful of that.
As for tips for getting fpp at 60+1… you can wait til 60 opens up and hope for the best. Its still a ways away and it’s possible it’s popularity dies down a smidge (not likely but hopeful) plus with toy story land opening up its possible some of the AK attention is drawn to HS. You could also book Navi @ 60 and keep modifying up til the trip. I’ve seen a few success stories there. Especially when extended hours get announced, but you gotta be quick. Then there’s booking an onsite reservation prior to and leading up to your original reservation. It will open your window up earlier and then can cancel within 30 days prior. Fwiw, I’m not experienced in any of the options as I’ve never utilized them myself. Just things I’ve picked up on by reading and listening.

You can check the pre-closing wait yourslef on MDE app. Do it for a few days with your hours and crowd level and you’ll know what to expect.

Good idea, thank you!

Thanks so much for all of that, OlafsDad! Those are some good ideas. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you on Oct. 22! Maybe demand will taper just the slightest for both of us! Check in here afterwards if you remember and let me know how it went.

Will do, and you do the same. Have a magical trip.

I’ve got one other question for those of you kind enough to answer my original. My one other option to get a FP for FOP is to try for day 4 of our trip, but that will be the lowest predicted CL for MK (a 3), and I had wanted to save that day for all-MK. On day 1 (Oct 21, the day my original post talks about), when we would split it between AK and MK, MK is a predicted CL 5 so we are going to RD MK and then try to do FOP at night at closing per the suggestions here. Is there enough of a difference between CL 3 and 5 that this makes sense, and probably settle for not getting a FP for FOP on day 1, or would you go for the FP at FOP on Day 4 and thus get only a partial day at MK and not be able to use and FP’s there on that day? Note: Only I and DD7 will do FOP; DS5 will not be tall enough; DH is indifferent.