Crowds in June go down?

We are planning our family trip and are flexible in June. We originally planned for the week beginning after Memorial day thinking many kids will still be in school, but according to your crowd calendar, the crowds seem to be going down as the month of June progresses?! This is different from many other popular crowd calendars. We are stuck trying to decide between the weeks of May 27, June 3, or June 10. Is there really a vast difference in crowds? What about weather?

We have a June 10 trip scheduled this year - first time we have taken a Disney trip in the summer months. I also noticed most of my days at a 5 or 6 crowd level and I am thinking that people may have decided to wait until Toy Story Land opens at the end of the month to take their trips?? Not sure but I am with you, wondering if I should prepare for worse… As for weather, having family in Florida, we are expecting lots of HEAT and pop up storms each day. Buying moisture wicking shirts for the guys and my daughter and I are finding some athletic gear that is nice and appropriate and also cooling. Also bringing cool towels (snap towels) for everyone. No matter what, its Disney - you are gonna have an amazing time!

I believe the crowd calendar is based on the last few years. Mid to late June has been a great time to go.

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We are going in mid June as well. I talked to my Disney TA this weekend and she said she had 3 clients switch from June to July for TSL opening. So it could be people are doing that?

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My SIL and her family went last June. She said the crowds weren’t bad at all and their wait times were relatively short. And I’d bet if people can push their trip back to July for TSL being open, they will.

I hope so. We are going June 16th - 23rd. We have been in June before back in the old paper FP days and didn’t have much issues with wait times. But it was very crowded. It’s the heat that will get you. Plan for those mid-day breaks.

Purposely planned mid June because Touring Plans said so. :slight_smile:

Father’s Day at MK is predicted CL3!


What is driving the crowd level 9 & 10 days at DHS in early June? Those seem out of place.

Since crowd levels are a function of wait times for attractions (not total number of people in a park), perhaps longer than average predicted wait times at TSMM (due to lack of FPP and/or fewer tracks operating) is having an effect.

Since there are only 4 attractions at HS, I would guess that anything that affects any one of those rides might affect overall CL rating.

Just my guesses.

Gay Days are the first week in June. Crowds will be up overall that week compared to before and after that week, but there must be some sort of historical significance to a higher CL at HS as compared to the other parks.

The week I"m there is looking good so far. I was also able to score FOP FP and SDMT FP less than 30 days out!!


The Crowd Calendar updates for June should be out early next week, so hopefully the low crowd trend will continue.

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