Crowds high AFTER Presidents Day Week (2/28 - 3/11)?

Weeks of 2/28 and 3/7 are showing REALLY high. My thinking was that with the winter break (Presidents Week) being over, the Princess Half Marathon finished up, and college spring breaks yet to start…these would be great weeks to book. I am second guessing myself now after looking at the crowd calendar and wondering what I could be missing? Any advice appreciated:)!

We were there during that time in 2020 right before the park closed. The crowds were absolutely insane!! Even the CM ‘s were saying they had not predicted the crowds correctly that week!


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There was previous discussion on the high crowd calendar numbers for early March. I think those weeks may be slightly inflated. BUT, it is an odd year. Presidents Day is late and then Mardi Gras is March 1st. And also, the spring break crowds actually start coming in the first full weekend of March already.

I visited the week of 2/28 this year and the crowds were not bad, but I would expect it to be busier next year.

I think the first half of February is going to be a great time to visit in winter 2022.


Thanks for insight guys!!

that’s one of our fave times to go, but 2022 is a no go for those dates because of how mardi gras falls and the return of rundisney. we were there in 2020 right before they closed, and 3/1-3/6 were totally fine and manageable… that weekend it went BONKERS with incoming folks. was glad we were leaving not coming in.

Makes sense!! Thank you all so much for commenting - I thought I was going crazy looking at the crowd calendar numbers! :wink: