Crowds during runDisney events

So I just noticed that the end of our 2024 trip coincides with the Springtime Surprise weekend. Anyone have any experience being there during one of these events? How does it affect the parks/crowds/hours/etc?

I was there for a wine And dine race twice. So might be different but…

After the first time we learned don’t go to Epcot on Sunday where the half marathon ended. It was a zoo. Our second trip we had parks planned that would be easy to get to and avoided races. I don’t think it was more crowded in the parks.

My advice is take a look at where the races are planned for the springtime, I don’t know if it’s the same as wine and dine. But if you avoid the route should be okay.


The Sunday is our departure day, so really we will be there for Thursday-Saturday of the races. I think Thursday is a 5k and Saturday a 10k. Sunday is a 10 mile, but that’s not something we will need to really worry about.

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Should Impact you minimally then I would think.

Is this the end of April race? I’m thinking of going that time in 2025, Id love to read your report on the crowds and impact of that race.

There shouldn’t be much impact. The races in previous years have started at 5:00 AM, and next year’s shouldn’t be different. The races should be done no later than 7:00 for the 5k, 8:00 for the 10k and 9:00 AM for the 10 miler.

The only real impact on crowds is that some of them will be wearing their medals in the parks, so you’ll get a bit of “clang clang” as people walk about. It’s a little busier, but it shouldn’t be like “OMG, we can’t move!”