Crowds better Presidents Day week or late June?

So we are looking to spend 6 days at the parks, but are limited on travel options. We can go in February (the week leading up to Presidents Day, leaving the following Monday) or the third week in June. We accidentally went during Spring Break a couple of years ago, and we would really like to avoid similar crowds. I’ve looked at several crowd calendars, but seem to have conflicting info and am not sure how accurate they are. February weather is appealing, but I’m worried there might be spring break-like crowds due to the holiday. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! TIA!

I have a trip planned that starts President’s Day weekend. I expect crazy crowds. I am fine with this.

Two years ago I went July 28-Juky 4th and the crowds were pretty low until the 3rd- maybe I had great luck picking the right park but I looked this year and crowds seemed pretty low this year too.

Thanks, @PrincipalTinker! So you think it is by far crazier during that time in February than summer? We’ve also gone during late June, even late July, and the crowds were so much worse when we went in March! Do you know how the February holiday crowds compare with spring break crowds? Is it only crazy that Saturday/Sunday? Trying to see if 2 days of crazy might be worth it if the other 4 are low crowds…

I think the week before President’s Day you would be good. President’s weekend is school vacation week for a lot of New England schools.

I can’t comment on crowds but the weather sure is a lot more agreeable in February. Summer is just so blasted hot and muggy in Florida we end up tired and cranky and snippy instead of having a fun time lol.

I know what you mean, @Outer1! I was hoping to take advantage of the weather in February! : )

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Thanks for the insight, @PrincipalTinker! It looks like it is also cheaper in February- bonus!

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We went this year the week before President’s Day and would choose that time again! Here is the crowd calendar report from the week we were there:

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Thanks, @desire499mike- do you feel these numbers are accurate? According to the crowd calendar, there are lower crowds in June…that’s why I keep going back and forth. I always thought summer was one of the busiest times, but spring break sure proved me wrong on that one!

The crowd calendar is based on historical data. The last few years those June weeks have been lower crowds.

As this was our first time to Disney World I have nothing else to compare it to!! The days that were 9 & 10 they definitely felt more crowded. We used the personalized touring plans (TP) the week we were there and they worked just liked they should…very impressed with them! So much so that my husband wants to go back!! Yay… :slight_smile:

AK: TP was perfect, EP: TP was perfect, HS: would have been perfect but with two rides down we had to add another hour to our plan, MK: TP made us ahead of schedule!!

We are planning our next trip for February 2018!!!

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