Crowds at Water Parks

We are a family of 5 (kids ages during visit will be 6, 10, and 13). What is the best time (lowest crowd) of week to visit a water park? We will be at Disney World 10/7 - 10/16/2016 (10/10 is Columbus Day). I noticed from the crowd calendar that the parks will be busy over Columbus Day weekend and less busy the rest of the week. Should I assume that if the regular parks have a high crowd rating that the water parks will also be crowded? My tentative schedule has us going to a water park on Sunday (the day before Columbus Day) or the Wednesday after Columbus Day. Which day do you think will have the smallest crowds? Any information you can provide will be extremely helpful.

I’d go the Wednesday after instead of Sunday.

there is no real info published, but generally the advice seems to be earlier in the week (as people do other parks at the start of their holiday) and weekends are busier due to locals. We visit in August and I can’t believe they will be as busy in October - key is to go for RD or for last few hours - that way you get the lowest crowds for the day


We go last two weeks October and I agree the last few hours is best 3:00pm ish. Take care though one of them may be closed for it’s annual shut-down toward the latter end of your time there.



Why do I keep on thinking that Len once posted that Thursday s usually the busiest day of the week?