Crowds at the end of March

I keep see people talk about spring break crowds this month, but based on TP’s CL and doing my TPs it doesn’t seem that bad. What do you guys think? My trip is March 25-28

I think a well worked TP will beat crowds any day, regardless of CL. Follow your plan. But, be flexible. Apparently TP didn’t do so great yesterday. It happens.

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There has also been a lot of talk about TP underrating CL as well. If you read how they predict CL, TP certainly takes into account an amazing amount of variables. Spring break for schools may be different everywhere. In San Diego it is the last week of March but in Los Angeles it is the week before Easter. We recently visited WDW and UOR in early February. At the same time ten years ago, everything was a walk on. This year the crowd levels were predicted to be 5-7 and I would agree with the prediction after the fact. At UOR it was apparent to me that a significant amount of people there were from South America (also a large percentage at the outlet mall my 13 yo DD dragged me to). I can recall going to Disneyland ten years ago in September thinking everyone would be back in school, but it was still busy with what seem to be a significant number of Europeans.

Last month we went to WDW for two days, one of the days no TP as we did extreme parking hopping (3 parks same day…only rides no shows/characters). It worked well because we learned from all of the posts about how to use FPP. Second day we followed TP for MK, took a midday break and went to Epcot at night. Both days were great due to following everyone’s input and TP. I am sure midday on a day like @SillySamsMom posted a link to would be tough sledding. I would be bummed to go to AK on CL5 and have it turn out to be a CL9 and HS CL7 turn into a CL10…but if you rope drop HS and used FPP/TP, took a midday break and went to AK the last three hours until closing (hopefully getting extra FPs), it would still be a much more successful/ less stressful day than those who did not research and did not plan.


In addition to spring break, the North East is experiencing a significant weather event. Many flights were cancelled. I can’t help but wonder if this impacted many people at WDW who couldn’t leave, and if many people added a day or 2 to the front end of their trips to avoid the nasty weather here. It’s just a theory of course… :slight_smile:

Agree with others: Everything has ended up busier than expected. Probably many factors at play. We were there Mar 2-9, and every day actual crowd levels ended up being 1-2 points above predicted. TP can’t fix or change the number of people who go to WDW, so your best line of defence is being at the park before rope drop and having a good touring plan. It’s a great time of year to be there, you’ll have a terrific time!!

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