Crowds April 2020 seem high?

Hey, does anyone know why the period between 28th March 2020 and 11th April 2020 is so high? When crowd levels for this period first came out there were a lot of 6’s and 7’s, and then a few weeks ago pretty much every day changed to either a 9 or 10. I know that spring break is generally busy, but previous years don’t seem to be nearly as bad for the same period.

Is it just due to Galaxys Edge and uncertainty about how busy its going to be, or is there something else at play that I’m not aware of?


welcome to the forum. My guess is yes Spring Break, coupled with GE still being new

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Welcome ! The days leading up to Easter are always high crowds . With a good plan you can have a great time .

Edited to add: Easter is April 12th.


That’s Spring Break time so I’d guess that’s why numbers are higher. I think it depends on when Easter falls as well–April 12.

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Cheers all. Just re-evaluated all my touring plans (yes, I’ve already done touring plans 9 months before I go, I’m a sad sad man) and its only about an extra 10 mins queueing each day, so its not the end of the world.

Was just looking forward to the parks being a little emptier than last time we went (Christmas). Oh well, at least any future updates to the crowd level will have to be downwards!


Easter. Then the star wars run the weekend after Disney. I am just going on the idea that as long as we’ get the highlights we will be happy. I went with the holiday versionsof TPs and it looks decent.

They’ve gone back down a bit! Phew!