Crowds and the Crowd Calendar

Last time I visited DW was 6 years ago on the week of Thanksgiving. I went back and looked at the Crowd Calendar and it rated all the days of our trip a 9 or 10(obviously). Im going back April 28th -May 2nd and taking my 3 year old for her birthday for her first trip. The crowd calendar is projecting any where from 3 -5 for the days of our trip. Obviously I know DW has gotten busier and busier over the years especially recently so I guess my question is this. Will a 4 or 5 out of 10 feel exponentially less crowded than the 9 and 10s I experienced last time I was there? Or has the crowd calendar adapted over time with the rise in traffic to where a 9 or 10 6 years ago might be the same as a 6 or 7 currently? Thanks for the help.

Honestly, unless you’re talking about crazy busy weeks like between Xmas and New Years, I’ve found that the parks always feel about the same crowd-wise but the real difference in is the wait times. In that respect, yes, you should see a difference between a 9 or a 10 and 4 or a 5, even though the parks feel crowded as you navigate them – if that makes sense.

It does. Thanks. I kind of assumed its always going to be “crowded” but the wait times im sure are affected as most people at any given time of day are in line for a ride or attraction. Thanks for the input.

We went last year at the beginning of May. It was a wonderful time to go. Crowds were definitely manageable.