Crowd updates seem pretty scarce?

For previous trips (many!!) I’d start my trip planning at least 6 months out including ride planning, then when there was a crowd calendar update, go re-swizzle everything. Yea, maybe inefficient, but all part of the fun of planning. I’ve been doing the same thing for a trip coming up early next month and have yet to see a single crowd update the entire time? I just got some park hours changes that are in sync with the WDW website, so I’m getting updates from Touringplans.

Is there a new process, did something change I missed? Weirdly even this forum doesn’t show a post since July??? Feel as though some big change happened and I missed it.


I think you must have your forum feed sort set up in an odd fashion

There are loads of us here every single day!

As to the crowd updates, I think things have stabilized? They are still reporting the “how we did” piece of the crowd calendar


I think you are sorting by category and yes, it shows the last posts as in July BUT many liners just post in the general wdw category for everything.


In the past, TP used to do an official update to the Crowd Calendar about 6 times a year. But recently, they have moved to a twice a year schedule. Here are the dates of the last few major CC Updates:

February 20, 2022
August 6, 2022
February 1, 2023
June 23, 2023

Some additional info from TP: “We track crowds every day and make adjustments to the calendar whenever we feel it is necessary. If you have a trip planned between now and June 2024, re-optimizing your touring plans would be a good idea. However, the attraction level predictions are updated more often than the crowd calendar figures so your plan might not change if you’ve updated recently”.


Ladies. (Oops, I just mean OB Nurse). They mean a post in the Crowd Calendar sub category. :laughing: Which is correct, there isn’t any activity since July.

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I think @PrincipalTinker recognized that.

I, however, literally read “forum” as the entire board and couldn’t figure out how they have their feed sorting so it shows nothing for months :laughing:

Good call!


PrincipalTinker and OBNurseNH: Yes, I was looking specifically at the “Crowd Calendar” sub category, probably should have been clearer about that.

bebe80: Ah, that is definitely a slower update schedule than what I remember from before. It probably was June since I started planning so makes sense on not seeing any crowd updates then. If that is about the cadence then, looks likely there won’t be any updates before my trip starts then. I do park selections based on that data so will stick with the park selections I have then.

If line wait times do get updated even if park crowd levels don’t then, I’ll be sure to re-optimize everything a few days before my trip starts to see how things look.

Thanks all for the info! I’m fairly scarce between trips, then get active the month or so before. This time it has mostly been on the park chat app and not so much these forums.

T-minus 14 days!!



If you read Becky Gandillon’s weekly “Disney Data Dump” article on the Touringplans blog, you’ll see that the crowd calendar has been extremely accurate since the fall crowd calendar adjustment, so there has been no reason for updates as of late.


Thanks TwoBits! I did go in and just re-optimize everything and it was nice to see that overall predicted wait times have decreased a bit since I last optimized. Of course the bigger deal is that park hours for MK and AK have all bumped up by between 1 and 3 hours. The trip is getting closer!


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