Crowd tracker mistake?

The dates for my trip are just coming out with confirmed park hours and extra magic hourse. Monday Jan 28th, 2019 has a crowd level 1 at AK??? No way that right - right?

Hours are subject to change at any time, but usually pretty solid 4-6 weeks out.
I don’t get too excited about crowd levels this far out.

You could look historically to see what the last Monday of the month looked like last year and do a comparison.

What was is last year, same time?

Undercover Tourist gives it a 3/10, but ranks AK has higher, and DHS as best choice for the day.

Hmm. You might be right about the cal being off. The nearest, comparable date was Jan 29 of this year (also a Monday) when TouringPlans predicted at 2 at DAK and actually saw a 7. Something like that happened in 2017 too. Use the Jump to Date function:

Yea, I’d like to put trust in these predictions, but January 2017 we had MK prediction of 4 and it ended up being a 7 or 8, but was still good because we had a plan