Crowd Size Veteran's Day 2021 (Thursday)?

Veteran’s Day (11/11) falls on a Thursday this year. The 2021 Crowd Calendar currently predicts 2/10 crowds, but the historical crowd calendar data suggests otherwise (like 7/10, 8/10 or even 10/10) when the holiday is in the middle of the week. Thoughts on what it might look like this year, or on either side of the holiday?

That is the week we are planning on being there and I have been wondering the same thing.

Illini - let’s see what others say, but from best I can tell from way too much time looking today, that Thursday/Friday are going to be busy but Wednesday/Tuesday might be okay. One thing that tipped me off is that Disney is restarting it’s annual passholder program (now called magic key) soon and that Veteran’s Day is specifically blocked off for local pass holders. Let’s keep the dialogue going and let me know what you find out. Oh, and go Hoosiers!

I think your guess is as good as anyone’s! This year is unlike any other. Personally I would avoid going on a holiday, but if you had to go on a holiday, Veterans Day is one of the least crowded options. I would think the days around it wouldn’t be too bad.

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When I look at TPs for that week, Monday looks busier, but then I see low CL Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Saturday is a 10.
Hail to the orange, hail to the blue.

Pretty sure that we are cancelling. The Delta variant has us all feeling like we did when we cancelled WDW for Dec. 2020 and April 2021 until we all had our vaccines. Not feeling real confident even with the vaccine. So many precautions have been lifted.