Crowd reporting discrepencies

Touring plans reported a crowd level of only 4 yesterday ( Friday the 10th) but all of the tweets that I read on Is It Packed said that it was crazy busy - one guy said there was a 2 hour wait for Indiana Jones and TP reported an average wait of only 26 minutes. I understand that is an average but it wouldn’t seem like there should ever be a 2 hour wait on a level 4 day. Anyone go to the parks the last 3 days? How crowded did it seem? Maybe it was super dead during the day and then spiked at night? That has not been my experience for weekdays. They have been very busy all day long. TP reported high crowds up till Tuesday and then Wednesday through Friday they reported about half the crowds. This has been unusual during the rest of this winter where, except for rain, crowds have usually been 8 to 10 (with most days closer to 10). Wondering if TP has started skewing the data somehow to cover up the fact that their predictions have been way off. It has been sunny in So Cal the past few days. Why would the crowds drop suddenly especially when one of those days includes a Friday? I just realized that Food and Wine just started yesterday! How could the crowds only be a 4???