Crowd Prediction for Veteran's Day

We are planning a trip for November, and have included Nov. 11 (Veteran’s Day and Friday) in our plans, since it’s rated a 5/10 for crowds. However, we just saw that not only is there a marathon event that seems like it would affect crowds, but also CA schools are out for Veteran’s Day…wouldn’t all the locals go to Disneyland on a Friday off? Also, last year it was predicted an 8 and turned out to be a 10, and that was only a Wednesday. Is there a good reason to trust the lower rating for this year?


I think that all evidence points to a 10 again, especially with a Friday out with no school and the race weekend to boot. All those things alone have an affect on crowds and combined they definitely impact. For weekends (starting with Friday afternoon) it’s always wise to expect high crowds and then if it’s not packed, it’s a pleasant surprise.

Last year was absolutely insane on Veterans’ Day; we were there and it was ridiculous in DL; not as ridiculous but still crowded in DCA. Given that was a Wednesday and this year is a Friday, I’d expect 10++ myself.

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Very good to know, thanks. We are planning to be there Sunday, 11/6 through Thursday 11/10, the day before Vet’s day. The parks are estimated at like 3 and 2 for Tuesday- Thursday. Can we hope that this may still be the case, even though it’s the day before the holiday? TIA!

Based on last year, yes. Our other days were all very manageable. It was only super crazy on the holiday.

We had friends there leading up to Veterans Day and they said only Veterans Day was crazy. We were there ourselves for a quick weekend 11/6-11/8 before the holiday and even being a weekend it was more than manageable. Looked up our actual CLs from that trip and it was 4-6 all weekend.

2015 Veterans day had only had SL blackout. This year SL, SC, and DX are blocked out. That will keep most of locals away and hopefully crowds reasonable.