Crowd levels / touring plans? Let the happy dance begin!

Magic bands delivered today!!!
How critical will touring plans be December 14 - 19?
my dashboard says crowds will be a “3” on the 14th,15th,16th, and 17th
a “4” on the 18th and a “5” on the 19th
I have plans mapped out I’m just looking for thoughts as to how much they will be needed
with predicted “small crowds” and “below average crowds”.
22 days to go!!!


Based on what I’m hearing from people in the parks around this time I wouldn’t be surprised if crowds end up higher than predicted. However, even if crowds are "only 3s, 4s, or 5s the popular attractions are still pretty busy. I used Touring Plans personalized touring plans to figure out what times to reserve FPP (and double checked those after new park hours were released recently). I’d suggest starting that day out with a plan and if you want to change the plan after the first few attractions (for any reason), then you can do so.

Attendance definitely seems to be way up this year and parks a busier than expected. I’d say go with a plan one way or the other, if for no other reason than to avoid that 10 minutes where you are all trying to decide where to head next lol. If it is a 3 then you can be relaxed and do what you want, and if it ends up busier you’ll be prepared with a plan.

AUaTP - Always Use a Touring Plan! Even on a 1 day, there are still a large number of people in the parks, so why wait any longer than you have to? An efficient TP means doing more attractions and/or finishing earlier and having more time to enjoy the resort.


Just returned yesterday from 8 nights in WDW. My dates included 4 days where the MK was predicted to be at a level two. Two of those days ending up at a crowd level 4, and two of those days ended up at a crowd level 7. My touring plans, ADR’s, and well planned FP+ made a big difference in what we were able to accomplish.

Thanks for the input! We will be armed with touring plans for each day. All those “3’s” under crowd level do look nice !