Crowd levels of the rides

Can someone please explain to me the correlations between “crowd levels” for each ATTRACTION and the WAIT TIME? I don’t see an obvious correlations between the two…
This is the page that I am questioning.

For example, yesterday the observed and predicted crowd level for Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train and Test Tracks were both 1. However, the wait time is considerably long… more than 50 minutes for both. In the mean time, The Haunted Mansion was also a 1 but only with a wait time of 20+ minutes.

It is comparing it to the average wait times. For instance seven dwarves mine train would be over a 2 hour wait pre Covid. So a 50 minute wait there is not considered long.


Here’s a great article explaining what the crowd levels mean.

The average wait time for each attraction is correlated to a crowd level. 7 dwarves mine train on a crowd level one day can still have an hour wait. On a level 10 day the wait can be almost three hours. Crowd level one doesn’t mean everything is a walk on. After reading the first article you can click on each park to see the various waits on each crowd level for each attraction that is part of the crowd level list.

Here’s the link for Magic Kingdom for example.