Crowd Levels Now vs. Feb 2022

After 10 years away from WDW, we just returned from a trip last week. It was a great trip, but we were a bit surprised by the crowds with a predicted crowd level of 1-3 each day in the parks we visited. 10 years ago a crowd level that low would have been very low! I realize that things are changing rapidly at the moment, but we have a trip planned for next Feb (not over President”s Day) and the crowd predictions are even higher. I’m curious what folks think about a crowd level of 2-3 now vs. 5-6 next year when shows, dining, character interactions, etc (and perhaps some version of FP) may be back. I know, it is a complete guess, but we are a bit concerned after last week and are not sure how it may compare to more normal operations so I’m interested in hearing what others think. Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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We have gone three times in February, it’s our favorite time to go!!

Here are some dates you need to know:
President Day weekend (2/19-2/21) people typically make it a long weekend. And the Northest has that week off.
Festival of Arts in Epcot (1/8-2/22 dates from earlier this year, 2022 TBD).
Princess Marathon weekend (2/26-2/27) The days leading up to the Marathon will get busier the closer it gets to the weekend.
Mardi Gras (3/1) New Orleans usually have that week off.

Also February is notorious for ride refurbishment and they also limit ride capacity making lines longer.

In 2022 we will have to go during our Spring Break which is at the end of March (3/27-3/4/2).
I don’t know what to expect during that time, at least Easter is not until 4/17th. We have gone during the busier times and are expecting the same. We are also looking forward to Flower & Garden Festival!!

Crowd levels were around 7 & 8 … with a few 6 during the times we went. We were able to accomplish everything we wanted to on our plan. Yes, there will be crowds.

I’ll add that NH has the week after presidents day off for winter break

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We went January 2020. It was mostly CL 4-6 during our trip. It wasn’t bad for adults, but my kids can only wait so long in a line before they get a bit annoying. A good touring plan will minimize the waits.

Thanks to you all. We were WDW regulars before our daughter hit middle school. We were just a bit surprised at how crowded things felt last week with the low crowd levels and got to worrying about next year. However, we also realize things are very odd right now and evolving quickly. I do appreciate the thoughts and will definitely rely on a touring plan (as always).

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